How do I submit my full application?


To apply for the PoSIG programme, you will need to visit the Application Platform and create your account.


To create your account you will need an active personal email. After you create your account, you will receive an email confirmation with a link that will allow you to activate your account.


Once you have created and activated the account, you can log in and see the steps for the application.  


Once you create your account, familiarize yourself with the system and requirements, you can start to complete the application, you can always save, log out and then log back in again when you are ready to submit.


In Step 1 – you will need to upload your documents as detailed in the home page of the Application Platform.


First, download the Application Form, complete it, sign it and save it as a pdf. file. You will then need to upload this in the platform at the section: Main Document – Application Form Upload as shown below:


To upload your completed application form, click add submission as shown below:



Then you can add your document by clicking   or you can drag and drop the file.


Then, this window opens where you browse your file, and upload it. You can save it with your name and type of document, for example: John_Meyers_Application_Form



After uploading the document, you will need to click Save Changes as shown below


After you click Save Changes this window appears:



This means that you can edit the document later if you wish to by clicking Edit submission. Otherwise, if you are sure that the document is final and correct, click Submit Assignment.  Note: Once this assignment is submitted you will not be able to make any more changes.


You need to confirm the data declaration as shown below and click continue to finalise your submission:





Please note that you will receive an email confirming that your document has been submitted.



You will see this in your screen after you click continue:



This shows the status of your document submitted marked in green.


To continue with the rest of the application, the questionnaire and documents, go to DASHBOARD or STUDENT APPLICATION as marked in yellow below:



If you click DASHBOARD, you will see this:


Click on “You have assignments that need attention” and continue to the questionnaire and the other documents to be uploaded and payment via PayPal.


Once you click, the list of steps to complete will appear as shown below:

You can follow the steps one by one as described above. All other documents are submitted in the same way as described above. To see if you have remaining tasks or assignments or documents to submit, always go to your DASHBOARD.


‘My submission’ indicates the status of your documents. i.e. not submitted, or submitted for evaluation.


In order for your application to be evaluated, you need to submit all documents.


Please note that after you submit a document you will receive an email confirmation that says:


You can also go to your Dashboard via the email by clicking (your dashboard) as marked in blue in the email.



In addition to the documents, you will need to fill in the questionnaire for the Field of Specialisation and Mobility Options as shown below:



Follow the steps to complete the questionnaire and then click submit questionnaire as shown below as an example:


Once you submit the questionnaire, the platform takes you back to the main page where all the steps for the application are listed.


Once you complete the questionnaire, you will receive an email that awelcomes you to the application again and reminds you if you still need to do other tasks/assignments, which means if you need to upload other documents:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application is fully complete and submitted for evaluation ONLY when you have done all the steps:

1-     uploaded and submitted application form

2-     completed the online questionnaire for the Field of Specialisation and Mobility

3-     upload your additional documents as shown here:

 4 – Made the application processing fee of 35 Euro either via bank transfer or  PayPal.


For each of this step, you will receive an email confirmation for the submission.


Please note that you will not receive an automatic and immediate final SUBMISSION EMAIL. 


You will receive an email confirming your submission after 24 hours from your submission of all documents.


For technical problems concerning the above methods of payment, please contact Mr. Agim Kasaj at